To go astray:  1. turning away from what is right, true, etc.  2. deviating from what is normal or typical;  -n. an aberrant person or thing


Full of danger; likely to cause injury, pain, etc.; unsafe; perilous


Acting with or characterized by great physical force, so as to injure, damage, or destroy; showing, or resulting from, strong feeling or emotion; emotionally disturbed to an uncontrollable degree

. . . Webster's Dictionary

The Academy Group, Inc., is the world's largest privately owned forensic behavioral science firm.  As former Federal Bureau of Investigation Unit Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, and Supervisory Special Agents, we have not only studied aberrant behavior, we have applied our knowledge and understanding in thousands of cases which we managed and solved.

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  Latest Updates

Exciting Course - Forensic Linguistics and Threat Assessment

2015 schedule to be announced later this year

AGI offers this unique 5-day program which introduces the cutting edge science of forensic linguistics and threat assessment to both public and private sector professionals.  This multi-media program is presented through instruction and lectures incorporating interactive and practical exercises involving actual cases.  A distance learning option is available via streaming video for those unable to attend the program in person.

The course is taught by James Fitzgerald, M.S., FBI SSA (Ret.) and Natalie Schilling, Ph.D.

For more information, please click here, or call 703-330-0697.


2014 Violent Crime Behavior I and II

Violent Crime Behavior I and II, AGI's premier training opportunities, will be held July 14-25 and July 28-Aug 1, 2014.  Click here for more information. 

Hazelwood, Smerick, and Napier Courses on E-Learning Site

AGI's list of e-Learning courses has grown with the addition of programs by Roy Hazelwood, Peter Smerick, and Mike Napier.  Hazelwood presents Sexually Violent Offenders, and Napier contributes Behavior, Truth and Deception, based on his book of the same title published in 2010.  Smerick's two-part Criminal Profiling for Homicide Investigators is specifically targeted for law enforcement professionals.

These courses join Jim Fitzgerald's Forensic Linguistics course already available.  Look for Roger Depue's Violence in Public Institutions to be added soon.

These courses are available at the Institute of Criminological and Forensic Sciences at California University of Pennsylvania, one of the foremost providers of on-line education in the country.